Meetings / Retreats

Once a year we try to have a face to face QSO (contact) , in fact we have met for 40 + years. We call it a retreat.

The last one took place in July, 2017 at Gladstone camp meeting, in Oregon.

We are doing whatever is possible to find new locations every year, but for now we have a plan to rotate between Auburn, WA  (for our friends on the coast),  Lillooet, BC  (for our friends in Canada), Spangle, WA (for our inland friends) and Gladstone, OR (for our friends in the South).  We are open to explore other places, so do contact us if you are able to present alternative sites.

Next year we are  gathering at the Washington camp Meeting in Auburn, WA. (June 15-23, 2018), so mark your calendar and tell your friends.

Also a Ham radio General License class  will be conducted if possible by NAARA  in Auburn, WA. Followed by an examination session.  


Upper Columbia Academy 2016


FountainView Academy 2015


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